Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | January 24, 2015

The Wall and the Kingdom

So, one Middle Eastern fundamentalist Muslim despotism is building a 600-mile wall to keep out the forces of a different Middle Eastern fundamentalist Muslim despotism. (Oh, and the one building the wall is our ally.) That’s cool, I guess. NPR:

ISIS isn’t just a threat to Iraq and Syria. As the group spread across Iraq last summer and fall, neighboring Saudi Arabia started building a 600 mile fence aimed at keeping militants out. The Saudis are adding chain link razor wire fencing, silent alarms, watchtowers armed with video, along with thermal and night vision surveillance.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the Saudis began construction on the wall back in September. Strange that we’re only hearing about it now.

Meanwhile, Jacob Bacharach has composed a sonnet in tribute to the departed King Abdullah. Please do read.

And Glenn Greenwald is not impressed with the praise for Abdullah from official quarters. See also Murtaza Hussain. (H/T for both: Andrew Sullivan.)


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