Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | June 21, 2015

Sunday Link Collection

1. At Crooked Timber, Gabriel Winant writes about the waning value of democratic citizenship:

Citizenship is waning. There are the obvious, brutal signs of this: the police apparently have a free hand to kill and cage certain citizens, more or less as they see fit; the fiscal state is crippled by the ability and willingness of its wealthier subjects to refuse taxation; voters must now share political space with corporations, their new legal equivalents in significant elements of democratic life. In many places, especially poorer places like Greece and Detroit, unelected bureaucracies now explicitly overrule the will of electorates. Then there are the more paradoxical data points indicating the civic crisis. As the value of democratic citizenship declines, for example, those who still have it behave more defensively, throwing up border walls and voting for neo-nationalists. The deportee prison, the mass drownings in the Mediterranean, the rise of Golden Dawn, UKIP, and the National Front: these phenomena signal the dissipation of citizenship as much as the overweening power of the European Central Bank or the quasi-colonial occupation of Ferguson do. When your portion is diminishing, you want to ration it out more stingily. If you’ve only got a little at all, though, what do you do?

Please do read the whole thing.

2. How would Ulysses be received if it were first released today? (H/T: 3 Quarks Daily.)

3. Noah Smith on the feminism of Mad Max: Fury Road.

4. Kelsey Snyder in Wired: Hollywood sets up its female superheroes to fail.

5. At Slate, Willa Paskin reviews Poldark: “Each episode of the series comes to resemble a procedural in the consistency of its beats: Poldark faces a setback, which he overcomes by throwing in not with his fellow gentleman but with the poor, achieving a near-happy ending. … Poldark has no patience for dramatic tension. It is always in a rush. It turns what should be a deliciously drawn-out love story into a fait accompli.”

6. How the Scooby Doo gang would dress throughout each decade of the 20th Century.

7. What is code?


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