Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | April 16, 2015

Collected Links

1. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead: the Spanish Royal Academy of History will finally designate Franco as a dictator, 40 years after his death.

2. On April 12, Pope Francis referred to the Armenian genocide as, well, a genocide. In response, Turkey has recalled its ambassador to the Vatican.

3. “What Libertarians Get Wrong About American History.”

4. Anderson on persuasive writing.

5. Megan McArdle: “Seven Reasons We Hate Free Range Parenting.” See also these related thoughts by Freddie deBoer.

6. An interview with Dani Rodrik. (H/T: Chris Blattman.)

7. Rose Woodhouse has this favorable review of the first episode of Wolf Hall. Encouraging.

8. Saga Was One Of The Most Challenged Books In US Libraries Last Year”: “The ALA’s list, released to celebrate National Library Week, documents the 10 books that received the most complaints from the public, asking to have them either removed from public libraries or stricken from reading lists for public school curriculum. For the first time, three comic books were in the top 10…”

9. The best anime and manga for beginners.

10. Given the Internet’s long memory, is this the future of our political life?

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