Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | March 22, 2015

Sunday Link Collection

1. Alex Tabarrok on the California water shortage. See also Erik Loomis.

2. Looking back at the decisions leading up to the introduction of U.S. ground forces in a combat role in Vietnam, fifty years ago this month.

3. “SF Archdiocese Apologizes For Water System To Repel Homeless”: “Saint Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco will dismantle a system that pours water on entrance areas of the church frequented by homeless after receiving a formal notice of violation from the city. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Archdiocese has apologized for the ‘misunderstood’ and ‘ill-conceived’ effort to keep homeless out of alcoves used to enter and exit the church.” (H/T: Ann Althouse.)

4. A Russian immigrant on watching The Americans. (H/T: Will Truman.)

5. A fox village, in Japan.

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