Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | January 29, 2015

Miscellaneous Links

1. I liked last night’s season 3 premiere of The Americans. There are some decent pieces on the show (speaking generally, not just about last night’s episode) at Grantland and Slate.

2. The Saudi monarchy as a family firm.

3. An interview with Gene Hackman at 85.

4. And an interview with Amber Benson.

5. I would not have though that the time had come to reboot Ghostbusters, but what do I know?

6. Luke Plunkett says that Knights of Sidonia is “the best anime on Netflix.” (Have not seen the show myself, yet.)

7. How much do you have to earn to be in your state’s top 1%?

8. Where are Bill Belichick’s horcruxes? (H/T: Steve Saideman.)

9. Tyler Cowen says that American Sniper is an anti-war movie — “one of the best anti-war movies I have seen, ever.” I am not sure that most of the other people in this country seeing that movie have interpreted the movie in that way.


  1. I wish Tyler Cowen played himself on The Americans so Keri Russell could beat his (character’s) skull in. Such a hack. AND SUCH A GREAT SHOW!

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