Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | January 15, 2015

The Oscar Nominations

Here’s the list. Any surprises? Reactions?

I suppose I should admit that I have not seen most of the nominated films.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley were both nominated (for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress, respectively) for their performances in The Imitation Game. I enjoyed that film, and I’m pleased that their performances were recognized with nominations, but I would be surprised if either won.

In the specific case of Mr. Cumberbatch, his performance as British scientist Alan Turing is going head-to-head against Eddie Redmayne performance as British scientist Stephen Hawking. If there’s one thing the Academy loves, it’s actors who portray a character overcoming a disability, physical or mental. (See, e.g., Al Pacino, who won in 1993 for Scent of a Woman [playing a blind man], inexplicably beating out Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Malcolm X. See also Daniel Day-Lewis, who won in 1990 for My Left Foot [playing a man with cerebral palsy]; Tom Hanks, who won in 1995 for Forrest Gump; Geoffrey Rush, who won in 1997 for Shine; Jack Nicholson, who won in 1998 for As Good as It Gets; and Jamie Foxx, who won in 2005 for Ray.) So, even without considering the other nominees in this category, in a head-to-head matchup between Cumberbatch as Turing and Redmayne as Hawking — advantage Redmayne.

(For another take comparing The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything, see this review.)

I thought Reese Witherspoon was excellent in Wild (I saw the movie less than 24 hours ago), but, again, a win would surprise me.

I would be surprised if Richard Linklater does not win Best Director for Boyhood.

I have not seen it (yet), but just based on word-of-mouth, I would also be surprised if Inherent Vice does not win Best Adapted Screenplay.

I was glad to see Grand Budapest Hotel getting some nods.

Interstellar has four nominations? WTF?

In line with what FDB predicted, the folks at Slate have begun their hand-wringing over the fact that Selma did not receive more nominations.

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