Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | December 31, 2014

Assorted Links, New Year’s Eve Edition

It’s December 31, and for some reason, I still have “Good King Wenceslas” stuck in my head. It’s not really a problem, just…odd.

I reflect that it is already 2015 in much of the world: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Europe, etc. Those troops that the US still has in Afghanistan are already in 2015.

As I write this, Georgia Tech is delivering a lot of pain to Mississippi State, and the SEC West is not having a good week so far in bowl games.

Tomorrow, the minimum wage increases that voters enacted in many states go into effect.

Bring me flesh, and bring me wine. Here are links:

1. At Grantland, Mark Harris discusses Hollywood’s “addiction” to movie franchises (especially comic book franchises).

2. Predictions for 2015: (a) Matt Yglesias; (b) Arnold Kling. (H/T: Tyler Cowen.)

3. The War on Yule:

Where has our appreciation of the true Yule gone?: the blessings of the wisdom of Odin, the protection given us by Thor, the abundance bestowed by Freya? Recognition that with the passing of another year, the guardians of Asgard have again held off the Frost Giants, Ragnarok is again deferred, and in a few months the light and warmth of summer will return?

(H/T: Xavier Marquez.)

4. Scott Wolford: Why did World War I last so long?

5. Nature: 2014 in science. (H/T: 3 Quarks Daily.)

6. Pets waiting for you to wake up.

7. Dave Barry reviews 2014. Funny. (H/T: Patterico.)

Night, y’all. See ya in 2015.

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