Posted by: Paul A. Forsyth | December 10, 2014

This Season’s College Football Bowl Selections…

…on the whole are OK but in a few specific instances leave me disappointed.

Duke is going all the way to El Paso to play Arizona State. How am I supposed to get excited about that?

Tennessee is playing Iowa in the TaxSlayer Bowl (formerly the Gator Bowl) in Jacksonville, Florida. Meh.

On the bright side, Texas A&M vs. West Virginia (Liberty Bowl, Memphis) and Georgia vs. Louisville (Belk Bowl, Charlotte) could be fun to watch.

Notre Dame and LSU are playing in the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Both of those teams have been pretty bad this year (compared to their typical performances), so there could be a certain perverse fascination in watching two bad teams go at each other.

The Orange Bowl (Mississippi State vs. Georgia Tech) should be good. Likewise the Cotton Bowl (Michigan State vs. Baylor). Arizona is going to devour Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Meanwhile, for some time, I have been in favor of an eight-team playoff, but this post by Andrew Sharp has almost convinced me that a four-team playoff is better. (“Eight teams would make the regular season less dramatic and the playoff too watered down and random. Even six teams would be overkill. But four is perfect. Four guarantees that a couple of deserving teams will get screwed in the end, and in the meantime, that only makes things more dramatic. Four is why I’ve spent the last eight Saturdays obsessing over college football.”)

I might have different feelings if I were a TCU or Baylor fan.

(Speaking of which: the clear course ahead for the Big 12 is to invite two more teams into the conference and have a conference championship game. BYU, Colorado State, and North Dakota State seem like schools that might be receptive to an offer; any two of them would be logical additions to bring the Big 12 back up to, um, twelve schools.)

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