Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | December 9, 2014

The Torture Report

The Executive Summary of the Report on CIA Torture, commissioned by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is here (PDF, 525 pages).

Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald have both been live-blogging reactions to the report’s contents throughout the day.

At Reason, Scott Shackford has some highlights. So does Tim Cushing at TechDirt (and see also this post).

Dan Froomkin has a list of caveats to bear in mind while reading the Report (e.g., the CIA redacted portions; the investigation “was extremely narrow in its focus”; torture “was hardly limited to the CIA”; etc.).

Meanwhile, Dan Drezner skewers the argument that releasing this report endangers US forces in the field or American national security more broadly.

Writing at The American Conservative, Daniel Larison echoes Drezner and makes some additional good points. (H/T: Thus Blogged Anderson.)


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