Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | November 21, 2014

Friday Art Blogging

1911 Marc Liegender Hund im Schnee anagoria

Franz Marc, Dog Lying in the Snow, 1911.

The artist died at the age of 36, killed by a shell fragment at the Battle of Verdun.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I like Marc’s work, but hadn’t seen that one. Thanks!

    … Did you see Eric Carle’s picture-book homage to Marc? “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.” Good Xmas gift for small folks.

    • Thanks for the comment. I picked this one b/c LFC indicated that I was in a bit of a 18th/19th Century realist rut, and some more abstract, expressionist/post-modern stuff would “leaven the mix.” There are constraints, b/c I usually stick to pre-1923 artwork (avoids copyright complications), but Marc works.

      And thanks for the book recommendation!

  2. Never heard of Franz Marc. I like this one. Hadn’t considered the copyright angle. (Anyway I was just being a bit snarky; shd post whatever art you like, of course.)

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