Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | July 18, 2014

Well, this is not reassuring



Now, the good news is that FX has renewed The Americans for a third season.

Even so, the viewership numbers (and trend) shown above do not auger well for the long-term prospects of the show. This is disconcerting for me, since (1) I really this this show, and (2) I would like to see how the main characters react to glasnost and perestroika. In the chronology of the show’s plot, season 1 begins in early 1981, a few weeks before the attempted assassination of President Reagan. I believe that season 2 finishes sometime in 1982 (although I’m not certain on that point). At this rate, it will take 4 or 5 seasons before we see Gorbachev come to power and begin to implement reforms.

So, we need enough people to watch The Americans that FX won’t cancel the show for another couple years at least.

(Graph is by me, based on numbers from Wikipedia. I think that the numbers above reflect only live viewing and same-day DVR viewing, so if there are a lot of people watching the episodes a few days after they air, then the picture may not look quite so bleak. For comparison, during this same 2013-14 time-frame, Justified, another FX one-hour drama series, averaged about 2.3 million viewers per episode.)


  1. I’m quite the Americans evangelist, for just such reason .. and also because the show is so good, I’m not shy to recommend it.

    • That show needs and deserves good evangelists. Glad you’re on board.

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