Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | June 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Links

1. Blogs review: The economics of Scottish independence.

2. The Virginia DMV orders Uber and Lyft to stop operating in that state.

3. A swarm (or plague, to put it in Old Testament terms) of locusts in New Mexico is visible on weather radar. (H/T: Erik Loomis, LGM.)

4. David Weigel thinks that we should stop analyzing the GOP primaries through a “Tea Party versus establishment” framework.

5. These maps show the second-largest religion in each state. To some extent, this is a proxy for metropolitan areas and states where certain immigrant groups concentrate. I was surprised by the number Buddhists in Western states. (Christianity remains the largest religion in each state. For purposes of the maps at the link, and perhaps for the Census, all denominations of Christianity are grouped together — as are different varieties of Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism too, I suppose.) (H/T: Althouse.)

6. Speaking of maps, here’s a map showing the percent of children who are adopted, by county, as of the 2010 Census. (Fuller report here; PDF, 38 pages.)

Nationally, the percentage is 2.3% of all kids. The highest percentages seem to be a bit over 7% in some counties, with notable concentrations of high-percentage counties in Appalachia, some of the Western states, and Alaska. (H/T: Will Truman.)

7. The ruling military regime in Thailand would like to stop protesters from using the three-finger salute used in the Hunger Games books and movies.

8. Using the Bechdel Test to analyze episodes and seasons of Doctor Who, from 2005 to 2012. Unfortunately, the analysis does not embrace the episodes in which Clara is the Doctor’s companion.

9. Matching characters on Game of Thrones to their counterparts on The Wire. Most of the pairings appear pretty spot-on to me. I like Sandor Clegane = Omar Little and Jon Snow = Roland Pryzbylewski. On the other hand, Stannis Baratheon = Cedric Daniels seems like a stretch, as does Daenerys Targaryen = Marlo Stanfield. The Baelish pairing is obvious.

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