Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | May 20, 2014

Tuesday Art Blogging

Rudolf Ritter von Alt 001

Rudolf Alt, Der Stephansdom vom Stock im Eisenplatz, 1832.

In 1830, the Archduke Ferdinand (soon to become Emperor Ferdinand I) commissioned Rudolf and his father Jakob Alt to paint the most beautiful views in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The above painting was of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the 14th Century Romanesque and Gothic cathedral of Vienna.

Some years later, the father, Jakob, painted a view of Vienna, with the cathedral as its centerpiece, shown below.

Jakob Alt 001

Jakob Alt, Wien aus dem Luftballon gesehen von Südwesten, 1847.

Below the fold is a view of the Stephansdom as it appears today, more or less. (I’m thinking that the renovation work on the tower should have been completed by now.)

0181-0183a - Wien - Stephansdom

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Andrew Bossi, June 2007. Used under a CC BY-SA 2.5 license.


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