Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | April 8, 2014

Tuesday Art Blogging


Granite sphinx of Pharaoh Taharqo, 25th Dynasty. From a temple at Kawa, Sudan (located between the Third and Fourth Cataracts of the Nile, across the river from the modern city of Dongola). Currently housed in the British Museum, London.

Taharqo was the fourth pharaoh (or fifth according to some lists) of the 25th Dynasty of Egypt, which we might also call the Nubian Dynasty or the Kushite Dynasty, since the pharaohs of this dynasty came from the Nubian Kingdom of Kush, south of the Egyptian heartland and roughly corresponding to the northern part of modern Sudan.

Piye, the founder of the dynasty, conquered Egypt* around 730 BC. Taharqo, Piye’s son and third successor (after a brother and an older son), reigned from 690 to 664 BC. (The dynasty then fell from power in 656, under Taharqo’s nephew Tantamani; the Assyrians and their client Egyptian dynasty cooperated to force the Nubians from Egypt.)

National Geographic had a story about Piye and his dynasty — “The Black Pharaohs” — in its February 2008 issue.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

* Piye’s father had previously conquered much of Upper Egypt (around Thebes); Piye completed his father’s work by conquering Memphis and Lower Egypt. So, some lists of the 25th Dynasty begin with Piye, and some include his father, Kashta.


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