Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | March 12, 2014

Assorted Links for Wednesday

St Mary Lake

1. Taylor Marvin: “What Should the US Do About Venezuela?”

2. If you thought I was harsh on Obama’s picks for ambassadors, wait until you read James Bruno: “Why Does America Send So Many Stupid, Unqualified Hacks Overseas?”

3. Chris Blattman is joining the Monkey Cage. (He plans to also continue maintaining his personal blog.)

4. TechDirt: “Senator Feinstein Finally Finds Surveillance To Get Angry About: When It Happened To Her Staffers.”

5. China has opened the world’s longest high-speed rail line, between Beijing and Guangzhou. The line is roughly 1,200 miles long, and the trip takes eight hours.

6. Some thoughts from Gabriel Garcia Marquez on how to conduct an interview — some of his thoughts swim against the current.

7. A French board game, from the 1940s, to teach children how to be effective colonial masters. (H/T: Taylor Marvin.)

Image Credit: Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. Photo by Ken Thomas, September 2006. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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