Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | February 10, 2014

Computer Science, Robert Dahl, and Other Assorted Links for Monday

Schoolroom Glacier

1. Barbara Ericson (College of Computing, Georgia Tech) compiled statistics for the 2013 sitting for AP Computer Science exam. Among other findings: no student in Wyoming took the test. This article in Slate summarizes some of the other findings: “In 2013, no female students took the AP computer science exam in three states (Mississippi, Montana, and Wyoming). In eight states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming), no Hispanic students took the exam. And in 11 states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming) no black students took the exam.” The Atlantic also has a story on Ericson’s findings.

Those who wish to really dig into the details may download this spreadsheet. I would note that Tennessee appears to have the highest percentage of female test-takers at 29%, but…it seems like 29% isn’t much to brag about.

Slate tries to sound optimistic: “It’s also worth noting that female and minority students interested in pursuing computer science in college could still be using AP math and physics courses as preparation…” (FWIW, I did not take the AP Computer Science exam, although I did take the AP exams in Physics and Calculus AB.)

2. A handy chart showing religious affiliation by age group in these United States in the early 21st Century. (H/T: Clarissa. Revising what I said over at her blog, what I see is White Evangelical Protestants losing a lot of ground with the younger generation; White Mainline Protestants and White Catholics losing some ground; and Black Protestants, Mormons, and Hispanic Catholics apparently holding steady. Open question: whether any of the younger set drift back to their parents’ churches as they get older and have kids — although those numbers would presumably be reflected mainly in the 30-49 demographic.)

3. Apparently, Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle fame) is portraying Lyndon Baines Johnson in a play, All the Way, by Robert Schenkkan. Neat! (H/T: Scott Lemieux.)

4. Siddharth Mallavarapu on International Asymmetries, Ethnocentrism, and a View on IR from India. (H/T: Duck of Minerva)

5. Robert Dahl, an influential political scientist and professor at Yale for 40 years, died last Wednesday. He was 98. As usual, The New York Times has a good obituary. The Yale Daily News has pieces here and here. See also this post by Corey Robin at Crooked Timber.

Image Credit: Schoolroom Glacier, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo courtesy the National Park Service. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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