Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | January 6, 2014

Auburn vs. Florida State, and Assorted Monday Linkage


Technically, I don’t have a dog in this game between Florida State and Auburn. But I think that I will be pulling for Auburn because (1) it’s fun to root for the underdog, (2) the underdogs (Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan State, and even UCF) have been on a winning streak this season, and (3) maybe, just maybe, an Auburn win (more so than a Florida State win) will stop people from spouting stupid stuff about Alabama still being the “best team” in college football. (I realize that some people — including but not limited to die-hard Crimson Tide fans — will never stop saying that, but I’m looking at the effects on the margins, which can help shape the general public perception.)

Should be a high-scoring game in any event (with a higher combined score than any NFL game, I would guess).


Anyway, Winter is here, with a vengeance. And here are some other links for your consideration:

1. How pundits avoid accountability. (H/T: Tyler Cowen.)

2. Noah Smith has a post about price gouging, with reference to the “surge pricing” by the taxi service Uber. Megan McArdle also has a post on the subject, in which she observes (emphasis added): “These kinds of pricing extremes make people extremely angry, for reasons that I think Mike Munger has explained best: We do not like market transactions made under duress, even if the seller is not responsible for the duress. Merchants in disaster areas often charge less than they could because they know that the goodwill costs will exceed the profits from maximizing their markup.” See also this post at Marginal Revolution.

3. Teaching the Odyssey at San Quentin State Prison.

4. Henry Miller’s tips on writing. (H/T: Chris Blattman.)

5. Thoreau on Peter Jackson’s latest: “The Desolation of Smaug is like an even-numbered Indiana Jones movie.” See also this review by Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy, and a piece by Lauren Davis, “Why Smaug Still Matters.” (Full disclosure: I have not seen the movie yet.)

Image Sources: (1) Via George Takei on Facebook; (2) this site.

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