Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | November 22, 2013

Quote of the Day

“One way or another, the filibuster of judicial nominees must end. The Senate must do what is good, what is right, what is reasonable and what is honorable. This filibuster is nothing less than a formula for tyranny by the minority.”

– Sen. Bill Frist (R – Tenn.)
Speech to the Federalist Society
November 2004

H/T: Althouse.



  1. Thanks as always for reading Althouse so I don’t have to.

    • On the one hand, there is an absurd quality to posting items from blogs that have astronomically larger readership than my own. On the other hand, this is my blog, I can do as I like.

    • But no matter how popular, there are plenty of us who don’t read them.

      Personally, I think Althouse is tied with Megan McArdle for the stupidest supposedly-smart woman on the internet … so it’s nice to have someone else passing along the occasional truffle.

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