Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | October 21, 2013

Search Terms, or, the Paths that People Take to get Here

Here are some of the search terms that have led people to this site:

why did caravaggio create the martyrdom of st matthew

For the absolute best of reasons: someone was paying him to do so.

feynman conservative

Any definition of “conservative” that encompasses Richard Feynman has to be so broad as to be practically useless.

who are six of the current justices on the u.s. supreme court.

An interesting question! There are, of course, nine justices on the Supreme Court at present, and so selecting any particular group of six of them is somewhat arbitrary.

We might look at Supreme Court decisions where the vote of the justices is 6-3. By my back-of-the-envelope calculation, there are at least 49 distinct combinations of six justices, but of course some of those combinations are much more likely than others. (I would wager that a Roberts-Scalia-Kennedy-Thomas-Breyer-Alito majority is more likely than a Scalia-Kennedy-Ginsburg-Breyer-Alito-Sotomayor majority, for example.)

Supreme Court US 2010

According to statistics compiled by SCOTUSblog, since the beginning of October Term 2010 (the first since Justice Kagan joined the Court, completing the current composition of nine justices), there have been 23 cases where the justices split 6-3. There have also been 7 cases where one justice (usually Justice Kagan) was recused and the final vote was 6-2. This is out of 235 merits decisions released over that three-year period.

Of the 30 cases with six-justice majorities, the most frequent combinations of six justices (with three cases for each combination) were:

  • Roberts-Scalia-Kennedy-Thomas-Breyer-Alito
    (see, e.g., McIntyre v. Nicastro and Bruesewitz v. Wyeth)
  • Roberts-Scalia-Kennedy-Thomas-Alito-Sotomayor
    (see, e.g., Kawashima v. Holder)
  • Roberts-Scalia-Kennedy-Thomas-Alito-Kagan
    (see, e.g., Cavazos v. Smith)
  • Roberts-Kennedy-Ginsburg-Breyer-Sotomayor-Kagan
    (see, e.g., Vartelas v. Holder and Henderson v. United States)

future gop nominees for scotus

As Zhou Enlai might say, it’s too soon to tell.

using nota bene is pretentious

Maybe so.

see world war z with girlfriend?

Eh, why not?

old testament verses quoted in the gospel of matthew

There are a lot of them.

battlestar galactica in afghanistan

I don’t know whether Battlestar Galactica is popular in Afghanistan. I have anecdotal evidence that Battlestar Galactica was popular with some American soldiers in Iraq.

conservatives dying out

Possible, but not proven.

popular pubs for game of thrones cast

I have no idea. For the sake of their own privacy, that seems like the kind of info that the cast members would keep pretty close to the vest.

camus “the stranger” public domain

Sorry, not yet. At least not in the US, I don’t think. The Stranger was first published in 1942, and Camus died in 1958. Under pre-1992 US copyright laws, a renewal of copyright after 28 years had to be filed for works published before 1978. But it appears that Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. had been pretty vigilant about filing the 28-year renewals, even after Camus’s death.

“freddie deboer is a”

Scholar. Teacher. Pacifist. An excellent writer. An incisive commenter on the modern scene.

rose leslie for the twelfth doctor

It was not to be.

Image Credit: The Roberts Supreme Court, October 2010. Photo by Steve Petteway. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


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