Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad Finale: Well Done

To steal a line from a co-worker this morning: Mr. Lindelof, Mr. Simon–that is how you do a series finale.

I don’t have a lot to say about last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad, except that I agree with just about everything that Steve Saideman says in this post, and with most of what Emily Bazelon wrote at Slate.

I really liked the scene in Gretchen and Elliott’s house–best part of the episode. And I enjoyed seeing Badger and Skinny Pete.

As June Thomas says, this concluding episode was satisfying, even if it did not pack in as much good stuff or achieve the same heights of tension as “Ozymandias” two episodes earlier. As Laura Hudson notes in her review at Wired: “It’s almost like the show has had three finales: ‘Ozymandias,’ the devastating, dramatic ending; ‘Granite State,’ the tragic but honest ending; and now ‘Felina,’ which is essentially the feel-good ending, insofar as Breaking Bad is capable of having one.” I would frame the matter differently: the last three episodes of the series constitute a sort of three-part finale, and I think that all three pieces work well together–“Ozymandias” as climax, “Granite State” and “Felina” as denouement and resolution. The “neatness” doesn’t really bother me (especially after Lost). Again: it was a satisfying conclusion.

For good reading, see also Andy Greenwald’s review at Grantland, Willa Paskin’s review at Slate, and Rebecca Nicholson’s review in The Guardian. Gilbert Cruz also has this roundup of reactions. And check out two more posts from Prof. Saideman: “Breaking Principal, Agent Bad” and “Breaking Bad Semi Final Post.”

Also be sure to check out these video montages:

1. Slate: every bad thing that’s happened to Jesse Pinkman.
2. “Breaking Bad–Good Riddance.”

(Obviously, lots of spoilers at all of the links and the video.)

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