Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | August 7, 2013

Peter Who?

When I heard that Peter Capaldi had been tapped as the next actor to play the title character in the British series Doctor Who, my first reaction was, “Who is Peter Capaldi?”

My second reaction was: the powers that be went with a safe, predictable, boring choice — an old, white male. I would have been excited if they had gone in a more adventurous direction and picked someone like Emma Watson or Rose Leslie or Alexander Siddig or Idris Elba. But such was not to be, at least this time round.

Soon, we’ll also get to see whom President Obama nominates to be chair of the Federal Reserve. (We may again be treated to the safe, predictable selection of an older white male for the post.)


  1. I suggest Capaldi for the Fed and Summers as the next Doctor.

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