Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | August 3, 2013

Links for Saturday: Oregon Trail, Final Fantasy, V for Vendetta, and Beer

1. What the posters in your first apartment say about you. (I had a giant map of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. That isn’t on Ortberg’s list, but I think we can make a good guess about implications behind that poster.)

2. The story behind the classic video game Oregon Trail.

3. Wired: “Final Fantasy Isn’t Dying. It’s Already Dead.”

4. So, about those Guy Fawkes masks: an interview with David Lloyd, the artist who illustrated the comic book V for Vendetta. (H/T: Will Truman, League.)

5. On being a beer snob. See also this NPR story, and this post by Ann Althouse.

6. Tax dollars at work: apparently, the attorneys general of 22 states believe that this Urban Outfitters coffee mug with an obviously fake prescription label is a threat to our nation’s ongoing war on drugs. I am sorry to say that Tenneessee’s Attorney General is one of the AGs to sign on to this idiocy.

7. Apostates always attract more fury than infidels: vegans shaming ex-vegans.

8. “What it is like to be a Muslim woman and why we know what freedom is.” Also, “Here’s what’s wrong with hijab tourism.”

9. Texts from J. Alfred Prufrock.

10. The American Historical Association is proposing a 6-year (!) embargo on universities publishing history graduate student dissertations, so as not to diminish the (vanishingly small) market for books based on those dissertations. I happen to think that such an embargo is a bad idea, for many of the reasons given at the link.

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