Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | July 28, 2013

Book Reviews for Sunday

1. Frank Buckley, ed., The American Illness: Essays in the Rule of Law, an edited volume with chapters by Francis Fukuyama, Stephen Bainbridge, Eric Rasmusen, Todd Zywicki, Larry Ribstein, and others; reviewed by Alex Chaufen at Forbes and by Richard Reinsch at the Liberty Law blog. (H/T: Volokh Conspiracy.)

2. Michael Axworthy, Revolutionary Iran: History of the Islamic Republic, reviewed by Tyler Cowen.

3. Rana Mitter, China’s War With Japan 1937-1945, reviewed by Tyler Cowen.

4. Mikhail Bulgakov (diaries and selected letters), edited and translated by Roger Cockrell, reviewed by Donald Rayfield. (H/T: 3 Quarks Daily.)

5. Ray Monk, Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center, reviewed by Freeman Dyson.

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