Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | July 17, 2013

Assorted Links: John Stuart Mill, Eric Holder, the First Amendment, etc.

1. You know all those arguments for why the secession of the Confederate States in 1861 wasn’t about slavery? It turns out that John Stuart Mill shredded those arguments back in 1862.

2. Why Attorney General Eric Holder Always Disappoints Himself.

3. Professor Bainbridge informs me that, apparently, corporations have free exercise rights.

4. Like Glenn Reynolds, I do not trust Dick Durbin to decide who is a real journalist: “Journalism is indeed an activity, not a profession, and though we often refer to institutionalized media as ‘the press,’ we should remember that James Madison talked about freedom of the press as ‘freedom in the use of the press’ — that is, the freedom to publish, not simply freedom for media organizations.”

5. University of Alabama: No leafleting on campus without several days’ notice. I trust that the federal courts will make short work of this rule, for reasons that Eugene Volokh explains here.

(Resist the tide!)



  1. Mill gets a bad rap. His philosophy doesn’t hold up under critical pressure, but that just makes it like every other philosophy.

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