Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | June 30, 2013

Sunday Linkage: Doctor Who, Dystopian Novels, and Sunset on Mars

1. Ashley Hagood’s Top 12 Picks for the Twelfth Doctor. Of the 12 names that Hagood lists, I like Paul Bettany (#9) and Felicity Jones (#8), and I really like Alexander Siddig (#7). Chiwetel Ejiofor (#3) would be a superb choice, although it seems to me that he is mostly known for playing very menacing characters, as in Serenity and Children of Men. (I suppose you could say the same of Christopher Eccleston, fwiw.) I like Amy Acker (#5), and she was great on Angel, but I think that the Doctor is such a very British role that I don’t see any American really owning the part. (It was for similar considerations that no American actors were cast in any major roles in the Harry Potter films. Siddig, by the way, was born in Sudan but grew up in England.) Rose Leslie (#6) would be a good choice, as I explained in this earlier post. And James Callis (#1) would also be an interesting choice, although I think I would have trouble ever looking at him without seeing Dr. Baltar.

2. “The Future of Books (as Told by the Sci-Fi I Watched as a Kid)”: where the sci-fi (broadly defined) includes Deep Space Nine and Inspector Gadget.

3. Why Read Dystopian Novels?

4. A haiku to Mars. Also, via Althouse, NPR has this photo of a blue sunset on Mars, captured by the NASA Mars Rover Spirit.

5. The cats of Athens.

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