Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | June 19, 2013

About Justice Scalia Again

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about Justice Scalia. Today, over at the League, in the course of discussing Maryland v. King (the DNA and Fourth Amendment case), Burt Likko has a paragraph that says some of what I was trying to say, only he does it better and in fewer words:

No one on the Supreme Court has ever written the way Antonin Scalia writes. He’s the Dean of the Court and the truth is that no matter how many opinions he writes that I think reach the wrong conclusion, I’m going to miss him very much from the moment they carry him out of that building feet first, which is the only way I can conceive of his seat becoming vacant. Love him, hate him, or sometimes a little of both, there is little doubt that when Justice Scalia gets a good head of steam built up, there’s nothing else on the books like it. He is blunt and sarcastic and manifestly unafraid to demonstrate intellectual disdain for opinions of his Brother and Sister Justices with which he disagrees. Justice Scalia writes with a sneer, but you never have any doubt what he’s sneering at. And sometimes, you sneer along with him.



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