Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | March 29, 2013

Holy Week Art Blogging

Peter Paul Rubens - Last Supper - WGA20255

Peter Paul Rubens, Last Supper, circa 1631-32. Currently in the Brera Art Gallery, Milan, Italy. Note the anguished, tortured look in Judas’s eyes (he is the only person in the painting looking directly at the viewers). Rubens plays wonderfully with light in this painting, concentrating all illumination around Jesus and using the surrounding darkness to draw the eye toward the action at the table. Note also the dog at the feet of Judas.

In the Rubens painting, Judas is wearing yellow. This seems to be a motif for images of the last supper. Compare two other paintings, which also show Judas in yellow.


Unknown Artist, The Passion of Christ, circa 1485, Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux Church, Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Última Cena - Juan de Juanes

Juan de Juanes, The Last Supper, circa 1562. Currently in the Prada Museum, Madrid, Spain. Judas is at the right edge of the painting, in yellow. Note that the halos above the Apostles include name labels, which I found curious and humorous. Judas is also labeled (on the bench).

And, since it is Good Friday:

El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos, called) - Christ on the Cross - Google Art Project

El Greco, Crucifixion, date unknown but probably after 1577.

Savoldo, crocifissione

Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo, Christ on the Cross, circa 1515.

Source for all images: Wikimedia Commons.


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