Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | February 25, 2013

Collection of Catholic Links

Henri Adolphe Laissement Kardinäle im Vorzimmer 1895

1. Thomas J. Reese in the Washington Post: Five Myths about picking a pope. Fr. Reese is Jesuit and a Fellow at Georgetown, and he was for several years the editor-in-chief of the Jesuit magazine America, until Pope Benedict and the Holy Office forced him out of the post. In the linked piece, Reese makes a number of good points; here’s one: “Benedict has appointed 57 percent of the cardinal electors (John Paul II named the rest), so they will most likely elect someone with similar views. In American terms, that means someone to the right of Newt Gingrich on social issues and to the left of Nancy Pelosi on economic issues.”

2. The most senior Catholic cleric in Great Britain, Scotland’s Cardinal Keith O’Brien, is resigning as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh amid accusations of improper sexual conduct involving other priests, with some of the allegations dating back to 1980. O’Brien will not participate in the conclave to elect Benedict’s successor. The Guardian is reporting that the Pope “forced” O’Brien’s resignation.

3. “No matter what, I’m still Catholic”: Mary Elizabeth Williams has a piece on Salon discussing why she remains a Catholic–and is raising her daughters in the Church–despite scandals and despite her strong differences and disagreements with the hierarchy.

(Image Credit: Henri Adolphe Laissement, Cardinals in an Anteroom of the Vatican, 1895. Source: Wikimedia Commons.)


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