Posted by: Patrick Allen Foster | February 20, 2013

List of Assorted Links

Comments on the passing scene:

1. Megan McArdle: “The rise of the internet, and particularly the rise of social media, has given us unprecedented access to the stupid opinions of unfamous people.” Indeed.

2. What would Canada look like as 14 provinces of equal population?

3. Kevin Drum: the White House press corps is unhappy with President Obama because of “their lack of access to Obama’s golf date this weekend with Tiger Woods. … Yep. They “neared rebellion” not over OLC memos or drone strikes or FOIA tardiness or leak prosecutions, but over their inability to ask Obama questions—tough ones! penetrating ones!—before and after he hit the links. Sheesh.” Also: “I’d have more sympathy for this if national reporters really did ask lots of tough, unpredictable questions, but I’m afraid I’m mostly on Obama’s side on this one…” (H/T: Prof. Althouse.)

4. Why We Need a New Star Trek Series. Prof. Nexon gives a number of good reasons. Among them: “We are heading straight for maximum Star Wars saturation. Despite its ham-handed didacticism, Star Trek‘s values are far preferable to those of Star Wars. We cannot allow aristocratic fantasy to bury republican virtue.” (FWIW, I am one who does argue that DS9 is the best of the Star Treks, although I have heard people make plausible arguments for TNG.)

5. Astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have discovered a small planet orbiting the star Kepler 37, about 210 light years from Earth. The newly discovered planet is smaller than Mercury.


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